Transformational Life Coaching

For the last 2 years I’ve spent countless hours studying and up-skilling in the ‘coaching & psychotherapy’ field and I’ve really moved towards this being a huge part of how I work with clients (alongside nutritional  & physiological medicine). I’ve studied various curriculums & courses and personally used & practiced many modalities including; 

  • Personal / professional / business / life coaching & mentoring
  • Natural Success & Inutitive Healing Curriculum (to Mastery Level) 
  • Sensual Essence & Holistic Sex Therapy  
  • Compassionate Inquiry – Gabor Mate (Practitioner Training Level)
  • Internal Family Systems Model – Richard Swartz
  • The IMAGO relationship counselling model 

Therapies I regularly Practice

  • Cold water & Nature Therapy
  • Meditation & Journaling 
  • Breathwork Healing Meditation 
  • Intuitive Massage & other somatic (body) work 

My personal transformational journey has been so positive I really want to share it with the world!

In my transformational coaching programs I use tools & teachings from all my training & different models and have rolled it into life changing weekly therapy. I can’t begin to tell you how powerful it is, I had no idea it would grow into something like this… 

I brought in the group coaching model so I could make it more affordable  (as I know $ can be a barrier – and I want everyone to be able to access this!) and after doing group work myself I also learned how it can give us something ‘extra’ – the synergistic power of a group of humans!! Mindblowing… 


Heal Yourself & Transform your life 3 month Program (1:1) $1250/month
(total $3750 – payment plans available to suit any budget)

  • Initial consultation (90 minute)
  • Weekly (60 mins) consults – Online or in Clinic
  • Unlimited Private Voice messaging between consults for support
  • Individual Food as Medicine & Lifestyle Medicine treatment plan
  • Health, Wellness & Ideal Weight physiology
  • Health & Ideal Weight coaching
  • Transformational life coaching, finding joy & vibrancy, holistic wellness, & creating what you LOVE.

I have been seeing Emma for 6 weeks now. I started seeing her because I wanted help, guidance and education in regards to developing a healthy diet. I have gotten so much more. Emma has helped me acknowledge, deal with and shift past trauma and introduced me to some wonderful self help exercises, like cold water swimming- wonderful experience. If you are looking for a professional holistic practitioner with a kind heart and a ready smile, then Emma is perfect.

Prue Edward-subotsch

This is for you if;

You want to optimise your health & wellness & get your shit together to smash life
You have gut, hormone and/or immune system issues
You need a tailored diet & nutritional supplements to get you back on track
You have IBS or food intolerances and/or confused about what to eat that is right for you
You know what to do but need some clear direction / guidance / motivation
You’re struggling with your health & tried ‘this & that’ diet and bounced around practitioners..
You feel sluggish, unmotivated & grumpy or sad – You’ve lost your ‘up & go’ & lust for life
You struggle to lose weight, maintain weight or gain weight
You know what to do but ‘just don’t do it’ … or you do it for a while then slip back into the old patterns & sabotaging behaviour… And deep down, you know it’s holding you back…
You wake up in the morning and think ‘is this it?’
When I ask ‘What do you LOVE & what brings you JOY?’ you don’t know.. you don’t have an answer… But you WANT TO KNOW..

This program is a combination of cutting edge Nutritional & Lifestyle Medicine & Transformational Life Coaching..

What are our emotions doing to our capacity to heal? How are our dysfunctional behaviours sabotaging us and blocking the healing process? HOW do we stop this happening??

This program is LIFE CHANGING. Through this you will achieve health, wellness, vitality & joy you never thought possible…

*Places strictly limited – book now OR get in touch for more info

When I signed up for Emma’s life coaching program, I wasn’t sure what to expect or exactly what I needed. I knew that I wanted to focus on my health and wellbeing, but I received SO MUCH MORE.
Emma was warm, engaging, down to earth, full of knowledge and focused holistically on areas that would support my personal growth. Her coaching changed my mindset and strengthened my intuition. The change was embedded with weekly tasks outside of our sessions. The time flew by, and when we reached the end of the program I can truly say that I’d never been happier or more aligned. I was ready to take on the world! If you’re thinking about signing up for Emma’s life coaching program, consider this a sign from the universe that it’s time to start.

Justine x

Heal Yourself & Transform your life 3 month Group Program (small group) $500/month
(total $1500 – payment plans available to suit any budget)

What you get; 

  • Initial private one-on-one consultation (90 minute)
  • Individual Food as Medicine & Lifestyle Medicine treatment plan
  • Weekly (60 mins) small group zoom sessions
  • Unlimited private voice messaging between consults 
  • Transformational life coaching > finding health, ideal weight, joy & vibrancy, holistic wellness, & a life of creating what you LOVE.

*confidentiality and safety is paramount within the group – no sharing, photographing or recording is permitted

*number are strictly limited – Don’t miss out