The First 1000 Days

The First 1000 days is the time from conception to 2yrs old and is a crucial time for making new humans!
It’s a super important time to optimise your health and wellbeing & look after;
Your Gut Health & Microbiome
Nutrient Status
Toxin, Stress & Medication Exposure
Birth Experience

Our current Maternity Care System is fraught with problems and many mums don’t get the support they need in this crucial time.

Gut Health & Microbiome is NEXT LEVEL important at this stage (as you pass YOUR microbiome onto your BABY & this it whats drives ALL developmental outcomes!!)
It’s also extremely common to have nutrient deficiencies & be exposed to medications, toxins and stress. All of these things can have major implications for every stage of the First 1000 days – conception, pregnancy, birth, breast feeding & infant development.

And get this > 1 in 3 mums report experiencing BIRTH TRAUMA. One in Three. Now that’s a stat we need to change. Let’s work together to make sure this doesn’t happen to you….

Get educated & empowered to make this incredible human making experience the best that it can be for you and your baby!!


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