Bespoke Psychotherapy

For the last few years I’ve spent countless hours studying and up-skilling in the ‘coaching & psychotherapy’ field and I’ve really moved towards this being a huge part of how I work with clients (alongside nutritional & regenerative medicine). I’ve studied various curriculums & courses and personally used & practiced many modalities including; 

  • Personal / professional / business / life coaching & mentoring
  • Natural Success & Intuitive Healing Curriculum (to Mastery Level) 
  • Sensual Essence & Holistic Sex Therapy  
  • Compassionate Inquiry – Gabor Mate (Practitioner Training Level)
  • Internal Family Systems Model – Richard Swartz
  • The IMAGO relationship counselling model 
  • Inner child & Subconscious work

Therapies I regularly Practice for my own personal growth and development;

  • Cold water & Nature Therapy
  • Meditation & Journaling 
  • Breathwork Healing Meditation 
  • Intuitive Massage & other somatic (body) work 

My personal transformational journey has been so positive I really want to share it with the world!

All Nutritional & Regenerative Medicine consultations include elements of the bespoke model of psychotherapy I practice. It’s a combination of all my training and is tailored to each clients specific needs. I also offer ‘psychotherapy only’ sessions to current clients.