IBS & The Microbiome & our ‘Glorious’ Modern Diets & Lifestyle

I’ve been meaning to start a ‘blog’ for a while now.. So let’s call this one…

Over on my IGTV you’ll find the ‘IBS series’ .. I was compelled to record some short little snippets of info to help people understand IBS – because; Did You Know (??) 1 in 20 people have IBS globally – and 1 in 10 have it in Australia…

That’s right ONE IN TEN people have IBS in our communities... I’m actually not shocked or surprised AT ALL because every single person that comes through my clinic doors (or through my screen atm coz #melbourne #covid #lockdown) has some kind of gut stuff going on.. even if they don’t know about it!

You see our ‘glorious’ & ‘affluent’ modern diet & lifestyle causes A HELL OF LOT of problems for our gut & microbiome (if you don’t know what the microbiome is check out one of my posts – I talk about it ALL THE TIME)… Our crappy SAD (Standard Australian Diet) is just that – worth crying over.. It’s pretty bad… Macca’s Anyone?

Add to the SAD;

  • environmental toxins
  • chlorine etc in tap water & chemicals in food
  • STRESS (Omg don’t get me started, STRESS needs it’s whole own blog as to what it does to us, our gut and our microbiome – I’ll do that next…)
  • Alcohol (especially binge drinking – hello most Australians including myself sometimes – I wish I had emoticons in here – imagine the little lady with her hand up!)
  • MANY common medications including the OCP, Nurofen & Panadol
  • ANTIBIOTICS totally over prescribed for the last couple generations (& not just the ones that we take either – also in out FOOD – I shit you not 90% of the world’s Antibiotics get given to the livestock we eat & or it ends up in our soil / water / water table etc… )

All of the above really has caused ‘MASS EXTINCTION’ to our microbiome equatable to the mass extinction of flora & fauna on our planet… And it’s our western most ‘affluent’ countries suffering the most.. *We’re so lucky!

So unless you’re a super clean vegan robot living on the moon – your gut and microbiome is under the pump, amd most likely compromised…

And if you don’t have IBS get you soon will… No.. that’s a joke (insert laughy face AND winky face) .. but it IS likely..

So check out my IGTV series to learn some more and what you can do about it… and also;

Here’s a great article & here’s an awesome org doing GOOD to give you some hope (after all my doom and gloom & thinking ‘we’re all f*&cked’) …

And here’s what we all want our Poop to look like (winky face)