How a Nutritional Medicine consultation can change your life

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How a Nutritional Medicine consultation can change your life

I practice Functional Nutritional Medicine. It is all about looking for the cause of health conditions, as opposed to treating symptoms with medications. Functional medicine looks at the underlying cause of disease, and takes into account the whole case history and the whole person.

The more we’ve learned about nutrition & especially GUT HEALTH the more we understand it’s the centre of all our health & wellness. 70% of our immune system is in our gut (!!) and now we call the gut the ‘second brain’ as we know how influential it is on our whole system.

My Nutritional Medicine consults concentrate on improving your gut health, microbiome, nutrient status & stress levels / coping skills – as these are the four pillars to improving overall health. We use a combination of diet, lifestyle, NER, & nutraceuticals to tailor a plan specific to your needs.

I’ve worked successfully with many clients to overcome health problems and greatly improve quality of life, wellness, vitality and healthy ageing. Nutritional Medicine is a powerful modality – get in touch or book a consult today – you won’t be sorry!