Weight Loss & BIA

Using a state of the art Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) Machine we can test your body composition to assess fitness level and body composition health – and ACCURATELY track fat loss (not actually ‘weight loss’ because we want to target fat right!?) and/or muscle maintenance / gain.

This is an amazing tool to have when we begin a ‘weight loss’ program – as often through diet & lifestyle changes the number on standard scales does not represent what’s really going on inside.

By accurately tracking measurements like fat mass (kg), body fat percentage (%) visceral fat level, muscle mass, protein content etc we get a MUCH BETTER READ of how the program is working for you – in as little as 2 weeks! 

With this information we can tailor a treatment plan incorporating diet, nutritional medicine & activity to target your specific goals

With the addition of NER, we have a powerful HOLISTIC program designed to get results

You can book in a stand-alone 15 minute BIA scan too.