How NER Can help you with your Health Conditions

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How NER Can help you with your Health Conditions

NER (Naturopathic Emotional Release) is a way of accessing and RELEASING emotions or stressors to the nervous system that can be blocking healing processes or even driving health conditions. 

The nervous system can become stressed & ‘locked’ and even if we are dealing with the physiological imbalances or issues, nervous system ‘blocks’ can keep us unwell, or keep us in ‘old patterns of behaviour’. Usually this is happening in the subconscious and can be tricky to get to, so NER is the perfect tool to access & RELEASE.

One of the great things about NER is it’s not like seeing a counsellor or psychologist, as you don’t actually need to talk about anything (unless you want to) – it’s integrated in the session – so you leave with the memory of that stress and any underlying emotional triggers released. 

NER is a very powerful tool for healing – it can be incorporated into Nutritional Medicine Consultations or you can book a direct NER consult, get in touch or book a consult today.